The Fourth Annual James P. Vrable Scholarship for Service to Others

The James P. Vrable Scholarship for Service to Others is open to any Greensburg Salem High School Senior graduating in the Spring of 2024 who will be attending a college, university, trade school, or vocational school as of the following Fall.

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The James P. Vrable Scholarship for Service to Others will be awarded to two winners for the amount of $2,000 each. This award will focus mostly—but not necessarily entirely—on the students’ history of volunteering and serving their community and the individuals in it. Prize money will be given directly to the winning students in the form of a bank note and may be applied to tuition, school supplies, or other living expenses.

In the event that more than two students submit similarly strong applications, input from the Greensburg Salem Scholarship Committee concerning academic performance and/or need may be included in the final decision.

The deadline for applications to be received is .


  1. Provide a one-page resume of your experiences volunteering with and/or leading charitable or service-based efforts.
    1. Applicable experience must focus on time spent volunteering and/or leading and organizing a community service event, not just donating to it.
    2. A wide range of service activities are applicable as long as they focus on helping improve the lives or circumstances of individuals and the community at large. The applicant‘s work in this regard must be unpaid to count toward the scholarship. (For example, tutoring younger students would qualify only if done on a volunteer basis.)
    3. “Community” does not have to pertain only to the Greensburg area. For example, organizing a fundraiser for victims of a natural disaster in another state or country is entirely applicable.
  2. Write a 500-word essay addressing your personal history of serving others, as well as your philosophy concerning altruism, and how you plan to continue your service to others in the future.

    The essay can be anywhere between 400 and 600 words in length. Applicants should attempt to personalize their essays and express the “why” of their efforts, not just rehash their resumes.

  3. Include a letter of recommendation from a teacher who can vouch for your experience and character.
    1. Letters should be one page in length. The sponsoring teacher does not have to be a 12th grade teacher or even one the student has had in class. The teacher must, however, be an employee of Greensburg Salem High School and have first-hand knowledge of the applicant as a volunteer. The same teacher may sponsor more than one student.
    2. In order to avoid any conflicts of interest, this letter must not be written by Mr. Lenzi.

Combine the resume, essay, and letter of recommendation into one, multi-page PDF for upload to the application form below. Winners will be decided by Scott Vrable, Mary Jo Vrable, and Valerie Vrable Schrag with input considered from the Greensburg Salem Scholarship Committee.

About James P. Vrable

James “Jim” Vrable graduated from Greensburg Salem High School in 1970. While never wanting to place himself in the spotlight, he volunteered for many community-based organizations, eventually leading several of them.

James P. Vrable senior high school portrait 1970
Senior High School portrait of James P. Vrable

A non-exhaustive list of his volunteer efforts included:

  • Volunteer firefighter and Recording Secretary of the Southwest Greensburg Volunteer Fire Department
  • Chairman of the Board of the Greensburg Civic Theatre and Founder of the Greasepaint Players Children‘s Theatre
  • President of the St. Bruno‘s Parish Council, Head Chairman of the St. Bruno‘s Festival, and Sunday School teacher
  • Cub Scouts Den Leader (Boy Scouts of America)
  • Scoreboard operator for GSHS football games

Jim believed strongly in a life of service to his community in ways large and small. His selfless, generous, and humble presence impressed and inspired those around him. He died on May 13, 1994 at the age of 41.

About This Scholarship

This scholarship was created by me, Scott Vrable; Jim was my father. My dad continues to be my inspiration and guiding light decades after his death. In an effort to emulate his example and help his lifestyle of servitude and generosity spread, I hope to highlight the efforts of promising Greensburg Salem students who exhibit the same spirit of community service that he did.

This year, the scholarship is financed by:

  • Scott Vrable (50%)
  • Mary Jo Vrable (25%)
  • Valerie Vrable Schrag (25%)

We are extremely excited to see what the 2024 graduates of Greensburg Salem will accomplish and the good they will put out into the world.

Any questions or inquries about the scholarship may be directed to Mr. Lenzi or emailed to

Previous Recipients


  • Elizabeth Houston
  • Kayla Wright


  • Connor Herrington
  • Lilly Kosoglow

winners *

  • Faith Borbonus
  • Joseph Gongaware
*2021 winners received $1,000 each.

PDF Resources

Click here  to download a printable one-pager of the application guidelines.

Click here  to download an excellent example essay from 2023 winner Elizabeth Houston.

Click here  to download a one-page flyer advertisement with a QR code for this website.

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